Headphone Stand

Despite my on going migraines/headaches, I love music. I have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT-250’s, which are lovely closed headphones. I need somewhere to hang them at my desk that is not in the way, and won’t be batted at by my cat.

This is more of one of those ‘arty farty’ videos where it was just easier to get it done than explain what was going on – it is mostly self explanatory.

I started off cutting down some really rough blackwood – its a lovely timber, but the dry rot and cracks in some of the pieces I have make them unsuitable for furniture. Then I made some dowels out of scrap tasmanian oak/vic ash, drilled some holes, and hand shaped most of the rest. The curve of the headpiece matches the profile of my headphones perfectly, one of the really nice things about using hand tools is getting that perfect custom fit.

A blond shellac finish leaves a great sheen and makes it very ‘touchable’.