Outfeed table

I’ve begun work on my roubo split-top style workbench, and it came time to make the divider/gap stop. I’ve got a piece of blackwood in mind that I want to resaw to form the various pieces I need, which will give me a nice grain match when reassembled. I want to start the resaw by cutting it on the tablsaw first, then all the way through with the bandsaw.

Unfortunately at 1.6m long, this is dangerous and difficult – rollers just aren’t cutting it. So an annoyance became a project, this outfeed/assembly table. Measuring in at 1200mm x 800mm x ~880mm, this will give me enough outfeed support to rip a sheet of plywood if I needed to, but more likely it’ll be 2m+ solid wood boards that I’ll be able to safely rip.

This is why I need an outfeed table

Its not strictly meant as an assembly table – my workbench will be larger, flatter and lower so it’ll be more suitable for that, but the shelf below the top will house all of my assembly gear. Currently there is just the glues I use, but I’ll add holders for drills and nail guns.

Half-lap joinery cut on two legs using a dado stack

I detest working with pine – in these parts the pine has so much internal tension and so much resin, it would have taken me longer to make it out of pine than hardwood. With pine, I wouldn’t have ripped it down but instead just cross cut to length.

Adjustable feet make the outfeed table level with the tablesaw, despite the uneven garage floor

I already had some “construction grade” 90x45mm F17 hardwood. Its the same tassie oak/vic ash hardwood I use all the time in furniture, except its not as “clear” so there are more knots, funky grain etc. It is much cheaper though, coming in at ~$7.11/lm, which is only twice the price of construction grade pine!

Slots in the outfeed table allow the mitre bar/cross cut sled to glide easily rather than crashing into the edge.

The bottom shelf uses some 12mm formply, left over from the lathe stand build. It phenolic coated hardwood ply meant for concrete forms.

For the top I bought a new sheet of 17mm formply. Part of this will be used in the workbench build to make a slab flattening jig, so I wanted something nice and stiff.

Grab the free dimension/technical drawings