AWYIS comes to an end

Unfortunately due to lack of energy (rather than lack of time), AWYIS – Australian Woodworkers on Youtube In Spotlight – must come to an end. I’m doing nobody any favours by sitting on a “secret” list of channels. If somebody wants to take up the mantle, by all means, and …

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Ripple TV Unit

For a long time our TV unit was one of those relatively inexpensive, seemingly everywhere generic “low line” beasts. Two glass doors, flanking two wide shelves that were never tall enough to put anything in, and a drawer on janky slides. Earlier in the year we were able to give …

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Hatchet Mallet

  Grab the free template Making your own mallet is almost a rite of passage for woodworkers, right up there with building your own workbench and making a chopping board. Until now, I’ve only been using a ~$10 or so wooden mallet from Bunnings. To be fair to the mallet, …

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WTF is Jarrah?

  Jarrah (thats Eucalyptus marginata, not E. Margarine) is a tree native to Western Australia. Rich red colour, heavy, and abusive towards your tools.   I’ve put up a small playlist of jarrah projects from others

Box Usurper

Inspired by Box Throne but turned off by the metal looks, I wanted to make an attractive adjustable height shelf wooden storage cabinet for all my board games. Thus, Box Usurper was born. It utilises saw tooth shelves for the adjustable mechanism – more attractive and pointy than the average shelf …

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