Router Table Fence + Cabinet

I’ve finally completed my router-table-in-the-table-saw-wing. This features a much upgraded fence over “v1”, and massive amounts of storage.

The marquee feature is Precision Router Lift from the video sponsor, Kreg. Thanks for making this happen Kreg!

Kreg’s lift allowed me to take full advantage of Timbecon’s new round router body (round body routers are rare in Australia).

I also took advantage of several Kreg tools that make cabinet making a breeze


Part one covers the router table top, and the fence. 

Part two covers the storage and dust collection.

Plans now available

The plans are now available. Get them while they’re hot!

These plans include

  • 21 page PDF
    • Cut lists
    • Alternative Cut List (Fence only and Cabinet only, if you’re retrofitting)
    • Dimensional Drawing Digrams
    • Hardware listing
  • MaxCut cut lists (MC3)
  • Fusion 360 3D Models (F3D)

Router Bit Holders

I mentioned that I’m using “router bit tidies” that were $2.50. They’re dovetailed to join together, and come in 1/4″ and 1/2″ shank flavours. I picked mine up from Timbecon

Alternatively, if you have a 3D printer, I took Rockler’s Router Bit Storage Insert and modelled up something you can use. I’d recommend tweaking it a bit to get it “right”, mine was more for proof of concept. You can find my files on GitHub. However, there are plenty of other designs on Thingiverse.