The Diane Collection

The biggest project I’ve ever undertaken – a full set of furniture for my mum. What a great learning experience building lots of big furniture, but its a shame that¬† I can’t time travel with what I know now to improve all the furniture in the series.

Mum had such trouble finding anything that she liked – it was always a case of she’d like maybe the table, but the TV unit was rubbish, or the finishes were different, or it wouldn’t fill or fit in a space. In the end, everything was made from Victorian Ash, with the tops coming from preglued “kitchen benchtop panels” that look like a butchers block.

The Wrap Up

This covers all the furniture in one video

The Projects

If you want to take a closer look, here are the videos for each project.

It all started with some barstools – using offcuts from another project, I dressed up some cheap Kmart metal bar stools.

Then the main piece, the dining table.








And a late entry, a “how about you also make another one sort of similar but smaller?” expanding the scope out. At least by this stage I’d become pretty good at the process!