Sounds of the workshop (Buffet Table build)

This design is pretty derivative of the furniture I’ve been making in the Diane collection. Featuring 9 drawers, and 900mm high, it is a combination of the TV unit and hall table. Again it’s all tassie oak, made from prelaminated benchtops from Bunnings, solid wood from WR Timber, plywood and veneered MDF from Maxiply. Really the only difference was the drawers were box joined this time around.

Rather than a tutorial, this is just more capturing the sights and sounds of our workshop. It was fun to play with the cinematography a bit.


Once again the plans are not 100% complete, but would be enough to build the basics with while I find the time to complete the plans in January. They’re currently available in PDF format.

The odd dimensions are because I had to work backwards from the drawer opening – mum wanted 450mm wide drawers.