Box Usurper

Inspired by Box Throne but turned off by the metal looks, I wanted to make an attractive adjustable height shelf wooden storage cabinet for all my board games. Thus, Box Usurper was born. It utilises saw tooth shelves for the adjustable mechanism – more attractive and pointy than the average shelf …

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Wooden Allen Key

Recently I needed a socket head cap screw to hold something up, but the problem is finding one larger than m12 gets hard and expensive. So the obvious solution was to make a M35 equivalent in wood. Yes, I’ve gone off the deep end.

WTF is Tas Oak?

You’ve seen me use Tasmanian (Tassie) Oak before, but what is it? Surely its just an oak tree from Tasmania, right? Nope! How does Victorian (Vic) Ash fit in? What about messmate, alpine ash, mountain ash, and blue gum?

Bosch Drill Press

Bosch sent me out their drill press, the PDB40, to review. It’s a little drill press, but light weight and plenty capable. Great for wood, OK for aluminium, not that much chop for steel – though it will do it in a pinch. If you’re a metal worker, you’re better …

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Perfect Spray Paint

I’m more the paint-by-numbers type of guy, and still end up outside the lines. Using a vinyl paint mask, however, I look like a pro

Twisted Candle Holder

I’m really enjoying using the TurboPlane, but like most things has a learning curve, and since its such a strange tool it tends to need specific projects to learn the different techniques. This twisted candle holder comes from an Arbortech video, I’m using old redgum fence post.

Flush Trim Plane

My Flush Trim Plane is my most used plane – quickly cleans up glue squeeze out, trims edge banding, cleans up epoxy filling. For less than AUD30, its the best value, quickest-to-make plane you can have.

Outdoor Kitchen

  This is an “outdoor kitchen cabinet” for my inlaws. The design is similar to my sharpening station and was actually the inspiration as the father in law liked it. This project started in March, but there were numerous delays, including my broken ribs. It was designed within constraints of …

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